Maker Faire is a global event, promoting makers, artists & tinkerers in an effort to encourage the maker culture.
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1. What is an installation?
– The art of making two- or three-dimensional representative or abstract forms depicting a strong idea or concept about a theme/subject. It can be stationary/kinetic/interactive, made from materials like metal, wood, stone, plastic fiberglass, etc and may or may not have electronics or moving elements which can decorate/ elaborate the experience of the space.

2. Who is eligible to apply?
– Anyone who has a strong sense of visualizing and making a physical form. You may have a day job that is completely in a different field but if you have a strong liking and have made any installation before then you must apply!

3. What about the expenses incurred in creating the installation?
– We will cover the making and the artist fee. You can present us with a concept with a budget in mind.

4. Do we have to make the installation in Hyderabad? 
– In most of the cases, yes, But if the logistics/transportation and handling cost is minimum then you can make it anywhere PAN India.

5. Can I Showcase an existing installation I made some time ago?
– Yes, you can. Please include pictures of the installation in the form below and in the concept brief please mention the story behind it. However, the transportation cost of the installation to the faire may have to be born by the designer. Our team will further discuss this with you if your application is shortlisted.

6. Will the maker be responsible to assemble the installation /placing the installation on site?

7. I do not know about material sources etc in Hyderabad so how will I make an installation there?
– We will help you by pointing out the right vendors with our full capacity

8. Will I have to rent a space in Hyderabad to make the installation?
– Yes if it’s possible, otherwise we will provide you with the basic facility.

9. I am interested but do not have a team to work with! what to do?
– If your idea for the installation is powerful and interesting then we may assemble a team for you.

10. What will you gain from this event?
– The experience of making something awesome together!

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