Maker Faire Hyderabad presents to you- “Battle Grounds,” which is being held at the HITEX Convention in Hyderabad on the 10th of November. Maker Faire is an event held every year promoting several breeds of creators and artists all around the world to display and promote their projects or inventions.

Amidst this prolific occasion, the Maker Faire team with the involvement of various artists and organizations is hosting a Hip Hop competition on the 10th of November, 2019.
This contest essentially comprises of three segments:

1. Dance Armageddon: Earn the title of “The Dance Armageddon”.
One on One dance battles where you have to outclass your rival dancers until one person emerges victorious!

2. Beat em’ up: Earn the title of “Mr./Ms. Beat em’ up”.
One on One beat-box battles where you clobber your contenders with the grit and skill you hold for this acapella craft.

3. Poetic Havoc: Earn the title of “The Poetic Havoc”.
One on One rap battles where you trash your opponent with your mastery at rhythm and poetry.

Winners will be awarded prizes and the respective titles. They will also be featured in the upcoming events held by Black Diamond holding the position as the defending champion.