The core of the Maker Movement is the passion for Making and Building things. At the Passion track, we invite you to celebrate with us, the community of artists and artisans, makers and makerspaces. Join us to experience some of the best curated hands-on workshops, demos, installations, and meet amazingly creative people.

Artists and Artisans, Makers and Makerspaces:
Some of the most Inspiring Artists and Artisans, Makers and Makerspaces across India are going to be at MFH to showcase their projects. Surabhi Theater, Makers Asylum, Workbench Projects, Collab House, MakersHive, PreLab, Kalaachakra, Banaao, Technolexis, Kilkaari The Art&Co., Into Fablab, TinkerHub, Foxlab, Riidl Fablab, Fablab Nagpur and Curosity Innovation Labs and more

The passion track is designed to engage all age groups and anyone and everyone who are curious to explore, get inspired, participate and learn. We have curated some of the most exciting workshops for you to experience:
* Pottery
* Sculpting
* Bread making
* 3D Printing Farm
* Carpentry
* Paper Circuits
* Bio-chem
* Kalamkaari
* Leather art by the Tholu Bommalata artisans
* Frame weaving workshop
* Soldering
* Lamp Making
and many more!

You’ll get to experience some of the life-sized installations that include:
* Surabhi Theater
* Metal Unicorn,
* Metal Steam Punk Biryani
* Digital Fabricated Furniture
* Handloom Weaving
* Kinematic Puppet
* Augumented Gallery Show
* Virtual Cycling
* Nail and Thread Art
* Graffiti
* Skate Boarding

and more!

Regional Art and Artisans:
To support and showcase the regional art, we’re inviting artisans of the following art forms
* Bidari,
* Lakh Churri
* Cheriyal
* Kalamkaari
* Dokra
* Tholu Bommalu (Leather Puppetry)
* Kondapalli

* Tangy Sessions
* Siddharth Bendi
* b-boying

Roundtable on Makerspace Federation: At MFH, T-Works is hosting a roundtable around the need and possible charter of a federation of Makerspaces in India.

Atal Innovation Mission and NITI Ayog shall be joining the discussion.