Experience for Start-ups



One of the ends of the Maker Movement spectrum is to create impact, either social or economic. The Purpose Track at Maker Faire Hyd wants to demonstrate the start of everything entrepreneurial and to make it a sustainable destination of every Maker turned entrepreneur who has a product idea.

Meet entrepreneurs, founders and evangelists of start-ups who put on their maker hats to brainstorm and work towards creating their products, build culture and positively impact their customers.

Experience first hand, the Ingenuity, Design and Technology brought together by these change champions who are keen on taking the Earth as their stage to put India on the map for product innovation for the world to see.

Join us in encouraging innovative startups from all over, working on technologies as varied as IoT, Drones, Agricultural equipment, AR/VR, Sustainability, environment-friendly products and more!

Watch the event through the eyes of these startups and see their products in action during the event. Start-ups like Gamitronics, Global 3D Labs, Brainwhere, Firefly Automation, Dhama, Hug Innovations, Nanospan, Centaur, Intech, Pure Energy, Flowrhex Fogr and SO many more have joined hands with us already!

If you are a tech or non-tech hardware product startup who is seeing this now, come and demonstrate your creativity. Inspire the hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs to embark on their journey!

We will have a special set of appreciative audiences that includes mentors, incubators and investors, coming to meet you all.
We also have stalwarts from the industry on insightful panel discussions and deep-tech startups giving you a peek into the future.

This is the first step to building a hardware product ecosystem in Hyderabad at par with global leaders.

Come, watch, listen and participate to make the future happen.