1.   Why should I host a workshop at the Maker Faire?
  • If you have mastered the art of making something be it robotics to home-made soap and have the desire to pass on your knowledge, the workshop space is the ideal place for you to do so. A workshop can be as short as a half-hour workshop with multiple batches in the day to full day activity with a single batch. Ideally, every workshop participant should have some product or artifact that they have made during the workshop as a learning takeaway at the end of the workshop.
  1. What are the aspects relating to the Workshops that would be handled by Maker Faire?
  • Marketing the workshop, scheduling it within the event and provide workshop space and basic setup – tables, chairs, power sockets, TV screen.
  1. What are the categories of Workshops that can be hosted at the Maker Faire?
  • Categories can range from Arts, Crafts, Engineering, Sustainability, Food, Science, Green to Play/Games.
  1. What is the Audience that can be expected at the Maker Faire?
  • The audience can range from kids, parents, students, startups, working professionals, artists, designers,  and anyone and everyone who is curious
  1. What are the charges for hosting a workshop at the MakerFaire ?
  • All selected workshops are free to host. No charges. All ticketing revenues go directly to the host. If shortlisted you get a free stall to host the workshop.
  1. Can I charge the Participants for the Workshop at the MakerFaire. Are there any caps on the Pricing?
  • Yes. Ticket costs to be affordable for participants as hosts get workshop space and marketing support from Maker Faire Hyderabad hence encouraging a win-win situation; not super commercial. 
  1. What are the minimum and maximum duration for which I can conduct the workshop?
  • Ideally  half-hour to full-day 
  1. Do I have to do the Workshop for both the days of the Event?
  • optional
  1. Do I have to provide materials for the workshop? Or it is brought by the audience?
  • Please include the cost of materials in the workshop ticket cost itself. If your workshop is shortlisted, and you require help sourcing materials in Hyderabad please let our team know. We can help you find vendors.
  1. What are the space dimensions and the amenities – (Tables, chairs, water, electricity, support staff, any other) that would be provided by the Maker Faire?
  • This can be customized as per workshop 
  • Standard workshop spaces ~ 30 seating with tables and chairs and power outlet
  1. When will I know if I’m shortlisted for hosting a workshop?
  • Once the shortlisting process is done we will notify you. Shortlisting process will start in 1st week of September and can take up to 3-4 weeks. 
  1. Will there be a binding agreement between me and Maker Faire for hosting the workshop?
  • No
  1. Will there be any assistance provided for the workshops. Eg: volunteers
  • Ideally, bring a +1 member from your team to support you during the workshop duration. If a volunteer is required please let us know in advance. Volunteers can only help with non-technical and non-skill based support.
  1. Who can attend the workshop?
  • Workshops can be designed for amateurs to advance level, for young and old. This should be mentioned in the workshop brief.
  1. Logistics and Things to keep in mind:
  • Please bring your Marketing material (standee’s/ brochures/ hand-outs etc )
  • We encourage you to carry and use your own water bottles
  • Please bring any govt-issued ID proof
  1. Whom do I contact if I need additional support?
  • Or you can mail us at info@makerfairehyd.com

Registrations are closed, for further details contact info@makerfairehyd.com